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Host Mychal Wilson, Esq. and Licensed Professional Counselor Kapil Nayar discuss the Opioid Epidemic and Sober Living Facility Scams. Kapil Nayar was hired as a Licensed Professional Counselor for a drug treatment program in Pennsylvania.

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Ill-Treatment by Kapil Nayar

Addressing the unethical loopholes in substance use disorder treatment

In this gripping non-fiction written about Kapil's experiences between 2018-2019, we can uncover the secret addiction rehab for-profit circle of the super elite.


Yes, this actually happened

Part of Kapil's genuine interest in the topic of psychology and addiction is activism -- uncovering the corrupt exploitative techniques of a select few individuals that went undiscovered for years.

Find out more about this by watching Kapil's interest, in-depth YouTube video.

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