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Kapil Nayar is a licenced Professional Counselor and is a soon-to-be Author, too.


Nayar's work delves deep into the corruption at the core of America's Privatized Healthcare System - but can he rock the boat enough to make a change?

It seems he already has.

Read about the trials and tribulations of Nayar's story of exposing the evil for-profit scheme behind one of the most trusted collective of drug rehabilitation programs in the United States.

Kapil Nayar’s parents immigrated to the US from India in the 1970’s to pursue their residencies for medical school, which culminated in his father becoming a surgeon, and his mother a psychiatrist.


He grew up as an American boy in a New Jersey suburb. Each year, the family travelled back to India to visit extended family, giving the child a broadened outlook--an awareness of poverty, sickness, privilege, and the inherent disparity among people. 


His father, Amrit, one of four children, was raised in a lower middle-class home in Delhi. He worked on the railroad and bicycled to and from work. Nayar’s mother, also one of four, was raised in a higher echelon by her father--a military captain and doctor with a family practice--and mother, a university professor of mathematics and English at a local women’s high school, later working as a physician’s assistant for Kapil’s grandfather. 


On their annual trips, the boy began to understand how differently his parents had grown up, what hurdles they had faced to get their education and to provide for their family.


On a trip to Shimla, India, when he was nine, Kapil remembers visiting a hill station in a mountain range. His father took them to lunch, and after the meal, looked at him and asked, 


“Kapil, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 


He swiftly replied, “I want to be a waiter.” 

A Sneak-Peek

After attending Medical School at St. Matthew’s University for three years, Kapil Nayar took a leave of absence to pursue a Master's Degree in the Clinical Counseling Psychology from La Salle University. Kapil pursued his passion for alternative treatment options by obtaining a hypnotherapy certification as well as a mindfulness based stress reduction certification. During his time, Kapil has practiced hypnotherapy and mindfulness based stress reduction in a private practice setting. He has taken this opportunity to obtain information of the effectiveness of both practices in the treatment of various ailments.

Since Medical School, Kapil has focused in inpatient and outpatient settings, along with private practice settings. Kapil was a therapist at a major inpatient facility in New Jersey, then ventured to a director role at a large outpatient facility in Pennsylvania. All the while, he was practicing within a private practice as a hypnotherapist and mindfulness based stress reduction leader in New Jersey and surrounding tri-state area. During this time he has developed client management skills while acquiring savvy in analyzing information regarding client outcomes and results post treatment. 

Kapil has sought out education to further develop his alternative psychodynamic approach to the treatment of his clients. He obtained a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology, along with a Master's certificate Psychopharmacology, and qualified for licensure as a Professional Counselor, and an Accredited Clinical Supervisor. He now works in a private practice setting with professionals who share his sense of compassion, integrity, willingness to reflect, ‘out of the box’ thinking, desire to grow and commitment to change. 



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